Our office provides advice and specialized information on bankruptcy law, restructuring and insolvency issues, especially in the context of the new Bankruptcy Law (Law 4738/2020). In particular, the services include:
  • The provision of advice and clarification on the regime for dealing with financial insolvency, collective satisfaction of creditors and discharge of debts of any natural or legal person engaged in economic activity,
  • Providing continuous information on the new regulations - and their practical application - concerning the treatment of over-indebtedness of natural and legal persons,
  • The provision of advice on the new pre-bankruptcy reorganization procedures,
  • Out-of-court debt settlement procedures for individuals and companies,
  • Support for the individual debt settlement tools under the new single framework (over-indebted households, first home protection, out-of-court mechanism, etc.),
  • Assistance throughout the whole process of reorganization and/or bankruptcy of debtors.